Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee.......

As much as I love pink, there comes a time when one must be open to other possibilities. Oh pink will be my fist love, but lately I've seen some rather beautiful possibilities with teals and aquas. So this entry is dedicated to everything aqua and teal. There's a wonderful blog/site called The Chocolate Blues which is everything you can think of using the combination of brown and blue. Any shade of blue. A feast for the eyes for sure.

The items on the baker's rack are from LadyBugCreek. An ever growing collection of aqua and teal colored items I happen upon. And shabby chic no longer HAS to be white and pink. Nor do those hues have to be for shabby chic at all. I hope the photos bring you as much enjoyment as they do me.

On the home front, it's getting closer to moving day and I'm looking forward to it much like a castaway anticipates the ship SLOWLY approaching to rescue him. We've been counting down the day for two weeks now, and sometimes just drive by the house to remind ourselves that this really is just temporary. Considering the big picture, things will be settled within two months and we'll be looking back and just shaking our heads. Someday, I hope to be laughing at these times of chaos and appreciating the zen moments that I'm hoping will become more and more frequent. I'm also hoping to make my new house a truly welcoming and peaceful home where everyone would feel loved, safe and welcome. And where visitors would feel like part of the family. The world can be such an ugly, fast paced place. And so many beautiful things can be missed while everyone's so busy just surviving. I hope to make my home tranquil and with 5 kids in various stages of young this possible?...he he I'd sure like to try.....

And what's LadyBugCreek's blog without a shameless plug? Everything you see from LadyBugCreek is for sale. If it's not on my Ebay (username ladybugcreek) then feel free to contact me through Ebay or to request availability and pricing. Many times, I may be able to make a similar item for you. And if you happen to be up in the Payson Arizona area, be sure to stop by and see LadyBugCreek for yourself! We're tucked in the back room of Green Mountain Emporium on Main Street. Say hi to Joann! She's a sweetie!

Till next time...................

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