Friday, March 27, 2009

New Additions to LadyBugCreek

What is it about flea markets and thrift stores that are so appealing? Is it the thought of finding things discarded and painting or polishing new life into them? Or is it a cheap way of scratching my inherent need for shopping? Regardless, I find flea markets and thrift store shopping an almost zen experience.....okay so I'm eggagerating but I do find it very relaxing.

Perhaps it's stems from childhood. That craving to have something all your own, unique to you. And my pieces are just that. Something old, discarded and useless. I polish, paint and put what comes to heart/mind onto them. In the end, it doesn't matter if the labels on the tray are from differing periods. It doesn't matter if that brand of enamelware didn't come in aqua (coming soon). What matters is that it's unique. It's satisfying. It's something that hopefully brings a smile to the viewers face. A little bit of happy all my/your own.

The teapot is (I think) a Gardner Verbilki from Russia. I would love to know more about it, and yes it will be for sale once I find out more about it. The fruit bowl too.

I've also added other pics I thought were beautiful and peace invoking. Perhaps you'll feel the same when you see them.

Plug plug plug: feel free to stop by ladybugcreek on Ebay. A few more of my items are on there. Btw, if you happen to see any of my items on here that aren't in my "store" on Ebay, just email me and ask! I may be able to make you one, or it may still be available. I'm also looking for websites to join my online portal Or if you happen to be in the Payson Arizona area stop by LadyBugCreek in Green Mountain Emporium on Main Street.


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  1. Hi
    Your Teapot might be very old. Old Russian porcelain factory, Gardner, used that mark 1880's. If your is authentic, it is over 100 years old.

    You got valuable teapot, don't let it go :)

    -RM (from Finland)