Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

So yeah, 3 months no blog. No exuses, just pure laziness. But let's catch up shall we? We're all settled in the new place and loving it. The neighbor's kind of a jerk...okay he's an absolute crochity old geezer with entirely too much time on his hands. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. You ever see that movie Grumpy Old Men? That's him. Which character? All of them. LOL.

Josh graduated last month. Geez I miss him! And I'm sooo proud of him! I wish I could take all the credit, but it really is the grace of God that he's turning out so wonderfully. I need to stop before I get all puffed up and start bragging. And when you see his eyes light up when his girlfriend walks in the room. Ahhh young love! They've been together about a year now. Or close to it.

The shop is filling up nicely and I couldn't be happier. I'm working with a couple of wholesalers to start carrying some more products. But I'd rather wait for approval before announcing availability. I am excited about the small but important growth. In addition, I've finished most of my projects. No small feat I assure you! But with only 5 smaller projects left, my storage area is now void of my projects and it seems more shopping is needed. Oh darn! I have to go shopping for more projects. *snickers*. Also, some of my newest pieces are little metal signs, all romantic cottage and delightful. I'm very pleased with the results. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them. I've also tried putting labels on candles in glass holders. These too were a pleasant surprise. Like always, I thought about keeping them for myself, but decided against it, telling myself I can always make more. Oh but they ARE pretty!

With most of my smaller projects completed, that leaves room to start on the larger I've begun on a drop leaf table. After that, there are only 7 more pieces to do, then I'm out of projects. More shopping! =)

During these few months, my entire system crashed. I had the discs to put Ubuntu back on it, but without my dear computer geek friend readily available to walk me through, the process was a bit of a challenge. Now the sense of accomplishment when I finally DID get it all running smoothly was like, wow! I did it all by myself!.I'm still replacing all the songs on my rhythmbox, but that always was a project. This time, everything will be backed up!

Also, in the last few months, I've been watching several tv series on Netflix. The first and most addicting is Deadliest Catch. A reality documentary about crab fishing. Okay, definitely NOT the girliest show, but it is fascinating to say the least. Now Steven wants to be a crab fisherman. That's just great. But I think he WOULD be good at it. Only because he's always up for a good challenge, and he's not afraid of super hard work when there's a good incentive.

Other shows I've been watching, A Haunting, Lost, Heroes, Survivorman which is funny as heck! I don't think it's supposed to be though. The funny parts are watching his ideas fail. Okay that just sounds mean but c'mon! He hardly catches anything in his goofy traps, and sometimes his sarcasm is hilarious. Say for instance, he hasn't eaten for days and finds a berry. Eats it, then says he's full. Ahahahaa! Just goofy stuff like that. Also, I don't think he's as alone as he's claiming. For instance, he was making this igloo. Says the snow he's supposed to use is supposed to feel like styrofoam or something. Then it shows the snow bricks falling over and over. That alone was funny, but the funniest was when he says, "okay I just found out I'm using the wrong snow"...WTH? He's supposed to be alone! And his little radio is supposed to be for emergencies. Is there some guy waiting with burgers when they're not filming? Was there a guy in the background saying, "Dude, I think you're using the wrong snow?" I guess it really doesn't matter cause it's all entertaining.

Also, I had to let you know that Auctiva, the service that USED to be free is now going to start charging for their services. I stumbled on a seller on eBay with a beautiful template. I saw that it was through SellerSourceBook. I contacted her and asked if she was happy with the service. She got back to me and told me how happy she was with them. She too switched over from Auctiva a couple of years ago, as did her friend. So I took the plunge. Their templates are beautiful! And their scrolling gallery is adorable! They charge a flat fee AND I get 300mb of image hosing (approximately 6000 pictures!) where Auctiva was going to give me 1 measly mb (about 20 pictures) and charge me for the rest. With my volume, wth? Their calculator figured I was going to end up paying 35-48 dollars per month and that's without the additional image storage. So yeah, I switched. SSB's listing generator is faster to use once I got used to it. This saves me so much time! So far I'm happy with their service, but it's only been a few weeks. SSB charges 8 dollars for their cheapest package and to me, that's well worth it. They're working on an importing tool to import all my Auctiva lisings. No news as of yet to when it'll be released. Apparantly though, they DO have an image importing tool so at least I won't lose my images on Auctiva. I need to transfer all those images over until the items sell and everything cycles through until the only listings will be through SSB.

So that's the latest. I'm leaving you with some beautiful images. I hope you like them too. And what's my blog without a shameless plug. LadyBugCreek is in a "consignment" store called Green Mountain Emporium on Main Street in Payson Arizona. Inside my shop, you'll find beautiful gifts and home decor items. Shabby, cottage, romantic chic home decor, quality women's clothing and hopefully some natural bath products (if I get approval) Stop by and say hi to JoAnn. I'm also on eBay (ladybugcreek of course!). The website's on the back burner for now. I'm thinking about restructuring the whole thing in light of the economy. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and be sure to bookmark my blog!


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