Friday, December 25, 2009

And We Survived Christmas!

This was supposed to be a simple Christmas, and I supposed compared to a lot of other people, it was. The budget and recession solved many of our buying issues, yet with a tightened budget comes acceptance and the welcome knowledge that Christmas really isn't about material things. There was family, food, love, laughter and as evening settles in, the kids "chillin" with their friends, my hubby practicing and me....well I'm settling into a mindless decorating magazine before beginning a short story by Anton Chekov.

But is any holiday perfect? NO.....and with that said, I'll give you the highlights of the frustrating moments of our Christmas which when looked back upon, cause laughter.

Well being as forgetful as I am I forgot to get the dinner rolls. Not that anyone missed them, it's our holiday tradition that I burn them! Not one person mentioned that there weren't dinner rolls on the table.

This year, the kids got new phones. My 14 year old son tends to be a little rough with electronics and so I opted for the cheaper phone which is definitely NOT what he was expecting. However, the funny part is that due to the high volume of people activating at the same time, we were unable to activate the phone. He was panicking and it wasn't pretty. But the customer service rep said to keep trying the code he'd given us....we did...and shortly after, the phone activated....but the really funny part is that my son accidentally switched the language to Spanish! AHHHH!!!! So I got back on the phone and got THAT straightened out.

And what would Christmas be without the dog pooping under the tree? I suppose they get in the spirit of the season too and want to leave a present. Soooo THIS is one of the reasons why artificial trees are so great. Yes, there are no traditional tree skirts in our home. It changes yearly due to the fact that whichever animal either feline or of the doggy breed, there is some sort of confusion and belief that this is their personal toilet. Sigh.... I think next year I'll suspend the tree from the ceiling.
I guess the most embarrassing part is that they do it in front of guests! AHHH!! It's a bit difficult to offer dessert after they've seen you on your hands and knees disinfecting the floor.

Oh all cleans up...our embarrassment turns into funny memories of Christmas past and we settle into enjoying company with people we love.

And so here are some pics I find beautiful. I hope you like them.

Namaste, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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