Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Favorite Styles of Decor

What makes a beautiful room? Is it the sunlight shining through windows? Is it a color scheme? Is it the furnishings or wall treatments? Yes, but I also believe what makes a beautiful room is the feeling that washes over us as we enter. A beautiful room is when personal taste and preference create a welcoming environment. It is a setting that not only is visually pleasing, but puts us at ease and invokes a feeling of comfort.

There are several styles of décor that I tend to be drawn towards. One of course is the romantic cottage style. There's just something about vintage laces, old furniture, pastel colors and florals that say “beautiful” to me. This style makes me think of lemonade on a warm summer day, gardens in bloom, and the sound of children playing in the yard. In my booths, customers linger, they stop to take in every detail. Some come back just to surround themselves with everything feminine. Many of my clients share a home with spouses, children or both and feel obligated to decorate in a fashion that everyone in the house will be content with. Yet deep down inside, they wish they could have a space they could call their own filled with layers of draped lace, sparkling crystal and fresh flowers everywhere the eye can see. I've been told that this style of decorating reminds them of their mothers and grandmothers, reminding them of warmth and love.. And the lit up faces tells me that is a very good thing.

Another style of decorating I tend to like is modern. Clean lines, smooth surfaces with an unexpected punch of color and texture create a feeling of calm for me. I think it's the minimalistic and uncluttered appearance that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Perhaps it is because life is filled with so many details, appointments, tasks and stresses. A simple and organized design of a room becomes an escape from a hectic life. It becomes a haven of simplicity and order. Add to that some candles and/or a fountain and you have an incredible atmosphere.

There is a style of decorating that I call Gypsy Glamor. It is an eclectic use of heavy fabrics such as velvets and brocades. Ornate wallpapers and mirrors are also elements that would be used in Gypsy Glamor décor. What makes it a little updated is the use of funky, jeweled colors and opulent fabrics with sheens to them. The look I would say has an almost ethnic feel. The furnishings would be items such as overstuffed sofas, armchairs or chaises. Tables would be ornate. Beading and fringe is a must. This type of room to me, would create a feeling of luxurious privacy. Perfect for a sitting room or library.

Now if you took the luxurious fabrics and metallic elements of Gypsy Glamor and the simplicity of modern you would have a style reminiscent of old school Hollywood. This too is exquisite and would make any woman feel like a princess. The fabrics are lighter weight and could be sheer with some kind of sparkle. Add a crystal chandelier and accents, organza, pearl finises, silver accessories and of course beading and you'll have a room that you'll just float through. The lines remain somewhat simple, but the texture of sumptuous fabrics is what adds the glamor. Divine!

I'm posting some pictures that I believe capture the looks described.....enjoy!

Namaste & God Bless


  1. Such wonderfully decorated room, Angelica! I am so gaga over that mirror! Swoon!

    Thank you so much for following my blog and welcome! I'm so glad you, now I've found you too!


  2. Thank you Tina! Can't wait to see what other goodies you post on your blog. =)

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