Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just My Opinion......About The Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law

Today I was reading the news know, just to make sure the world wasn't about to blow up or something and kept coming across the same subject. Arizona's tough illegal immigrant law. Not being a fan of politics for reasons I won't go into here, I decided to research the subject to see what the ruckus was all about.

What I discovered was that Arizona recently passed a new law that enables police to arrest “day workers” and heavily penalize those who hire them. For my friends in other countries, “day workers” are people who have entered the US illegally and are attempting to obtain work for the day. They usually stand on the street corners, most of the time in groups, waiting for an employer who will hire them for whatever job they need, but do not wish to pay fair wages. So they hire these illegal immigrants at slave's wages. This is an illegal activity that the US government has dragged their feet in helping to eliminate for decades. This drives an underground economy that takes fair work away from our citizens, and allows employers to bypass laws. In addition, many illegal immigrants have been here so long, that they have had children and grandchildren who are legal citizens. These children are now entitled to government assistance in the form of housing, food, money and education. Since our government has limited resources, this has caused a financial strain in an already strained system.

This new law will enable law enforcement to check for proper identification when performing their duties among other details. It will also heavily penalize employers who hire these illegal immigrants. This law is to take effect this summer.

Personally I don't see what the big deal is. It's illegal to be in the US without proper paperwork....just like in any other country...this law only enforces it. These people who are illegal already know they're here illegally. They took the chance, risked arrest and deportation when they came over. I do not understand their feeling of entitlement. While I think the circumstances from which they came from may be horrible, that does not mean that it's okay to break laws and then demand the same rights as those of us who were born in the US. Arizona has simply picked up the ball that the federal government dropped.

Some people have complained that this law will spark racial profiling. Personally who really cares? I will proudly show my identification and that of my children to any law enforcement person if asked for. I mean that's what “identification” is....hellooooo! It's required pretty much everywhere in the world so why should it be different here? I'm not saying to be bullied or anything, but if I'm getting stopped for a headlight out or speeding, I would not be the least bit offended if they asked all the people in my car to provide identification.

I'm not saying to close the borders for crying out loud, just go through the proper channels like everyone is supposed to. Unfortunately so many people have turned the other way when illegal immigration was a little problem that now it's become a major problem. And illegal immigrants know that the system is faulted and painfully slow. They know that if they have a kid or two that the US won't know how to deal with it and so just look the other way. And it also seems that as long as it didn't hurt anyone that they knew (they being the people who had the power to stop it then) they didn't care about whether or not it would hurt all of us in the long run. Now that we're in a recession and we're all affected, now it's a huge problem. With so many Americans out of work, losing their homes and turning to the government for assistance, everyone's running around in a panic like it's the first time they're heard about it. WTH?

Wake up people! Now don't get stupid and start hating, just understand that there ARE a few leaders who are willing to do what they can to finally deal with this even though the US government is humming and hawing over this. Support them. They're looking out for us, our jobs and our children so why not say thanks? They're taking a stand when others won't. That takes guts. Just support them. And if someone disagrees, who cares? It's okay for people to disagree, but it's not okay to hate, it's not okay to turn it into a racial issue and it's not okay to break the law.......

I don't claim to have all the answers....but I do believe that with so many different people with so many viewpoints, real solutions can be created. Maybe not perfect solutions, but tolerable by most...there will always be those who have an all or nothing attitude...there will always be those who can only see things their way and unfortunately, they usually have the loudest voices.....but there HAS to be a way....cause doing nothing is the worst thing anyone can do and so far that hasn't worked has it? Cause now it's all a huge mess.......

And just in case you want to know exactly what the new law says....
Under the "legislation" tab simply select the it for yourself.

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