Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Life In The Valley.........

It’s still hot outside even though the desert sun is touching the tips of the Phoenix Valley’s mountains. I on the other hand am cool due to the car’s air conditioning. I look out the window of the car as it smoothly passes the occasional buildings, road signs and towns. My roommate is driving. We are on our way to see B.B. King in concert, something I have always wanted to do. I wonder to myself if I would have taken this opportunity had I stayed in Payson.

Many people have told me that there is always something to do in the valley and while I never doubted that statement being true, I just never thought that I would take advantage of what the Valley has to offer. I suppose it is because I consider myself a private person and have a tendency to be a homebody. Yet, in the short month that I’ve been here, I’ve tried two new restaurants, my son has been to a newly opened skate park and now I am on my way to see a music legend. Here in the Valley, there really is no reason to be bored and “finding” something to do is hardly a challenge. I find myself wanting to try this place or that. When friends ask if I’ve been to certain places, I say no but become intrigued as I learn more about the place.

Adapting to desert living has hardly been an effort at all and my two teens have acclimated nicely. While it is indeed hot outside, I’ve hardly felt the heat. Central air conditioning in my new home, my car and virtually every public building keeps me comfortable. Even the schools are completely enclosed and air conditioned. Just like with any climate, people adjust. People in Alaska have adapted to 6 months of darkness. Residents of Seattle are accustomed to rainy weather. And in the Phoenix area, living in the desert is actually desirable.

Moving to the valley from Payson was easy once I decided to do it, thanks to the help of real estate agents like those at Scottsdale Fine Properties. Somehow things just run more smoothly when you enlist in the help of professionals who know what they’re doing. A simple phone call, let them know what you’re looking for and all you need to worry about is……well….you don’t have to worry about anything! Ha ha! Moving has never been easier.

Well, the concert was amazing. B.B. King even at his age put on a great show, and his band was nothing less of fabulous. This was one of those events in your life that you just don’t forget. The drive to Tucson was a little over a couple hours from my new home and perhaps if I had decided to stay in Payson, I wouldn’t have made the trip.

It can be very nice leaving your comfort zone……….

Namaste & God Bless,


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