Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016

The New Year brings the perfect opportunity to start out with a fresh interior update. With the right accessories, nearly any currently owned furnishing can be reworked, giving it a new look. This of course can save a lot of money. After the festivities of the Holidays, who would not want that? Below are the hot, up and coming looks.

When I first learned of this year's interior design trends, all I could think of was “yes!” The coming year’s interior design trends focus on creating a soothing and ultra relaxing home. Less is definitely more in 2016. The implementation of natural elements with clean lines create balance. Muted colors and a touch of ethnicity prevent a sterile environment and add a welcoming atmosphere. What is great about these trends is that there is still room to change the look of a room without spending a lot of money. All it takes is a little creativity.

Natural elements are big this year and there is something for every budget. Showy floral arrangements give way to simple statements. Think of a handful of sticks in a simple glass vase. Rock gardens, wood bowls and sand all play key parts in bringing nature inside. A twig lampshade or oversize rattan basket to hold items are also ways to bring the beauty of nature inside. If a remodel is on the schedule, satin or matte finishes on counter tops are replacing high gloss granite. Counter edges are rough to expose the natural beauty but with just enough sanding to prevent clothing from snagging. Flooring is more durable and easier to maintain in satin finishes instead of high gloss.

Another way to bring nature inside is through the use of indoor gardens. Live plants not only clean the air inside the home by making oxygen, but the appearance of live plants adds a touch of serenity to the environment. If an entire garden is not possible, try grouping several pots together to create the illusion of a garden. The key to doing this is to make a statement with the use of live plants but still have an element of space. There are a lot of low maintenance plants to choose from to keep from becoming overburdened.

Combining function with beauty is another trend this coming year. This not only saves space by lessening the amount of clutter, but offers more bang for the buck. Leather ottomans that double as storage bins are one example. Sofabed hybrids are another. In the kitchen, maximizing cupboard space by adding organizers, spice racks or a lazy Susan help to get the counter cleared off while still keeping them within reach.

Touches of ethnicity are yet another popular trend in 2016. Adding splashes of color that accompany many ethnic furnishings can bring a welcoming warmth to any room. Don’t overdo it. The key is to bring balance into the decor, not for the room to look like an open market. An ornate armoire can double as a bar. A table runner or sofa throw can add just enough color to add an inviting mood. If using decorative pillows, mix solid with ethnic prints in complimentary colors to keep the theme cohesive.

The coming year brings a calming change to the home and with it comes a change in the color palate. Colors are muted and soothing. The vibrant tones of last year give way to colors that are serene and relaxing. Any preferred color is acceptable as long as it is muted. Slate blue, plums, sage, softer teals, warm honey and earthy rusts are all part of creating a relaxing home. If only one interior update is possible, toning down the color would be it.

In keeping with the Zen like mood of interiors, less is definitely more. Clear out clutter. Free up a bit of wall space. Keep furniture lines clean and window coverings simple. The less that the eyes need to focus on, the easier it becomes to relax after a chaotic day. There is less to clean, less to break and generally less to worry about. This alone can be all that’s needed to create a comforting and less stressful home.

Which style do you prefer? I can't make up my mind. I think the beauty of this year's interior design trends is the simplicity. It really does help in creating an almost spa-like feel to a home. But I also love the idea of bringing nature inside. Regardless of your favorite look, your house is yours and making it unique to you is what makes it home. - Angelica Mordant

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