Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hairstyle Trend Spring & Summer 2010: The Boho Braid

This summer the latest rage for hair is the Boho braid. It's a fresh and casual braid (or two) that wraps around the head and can be worked to leave the ends free and tousled, pinned or made into a bun. The key is to have the hair look just a little free and not too structured. This style works best for medium length to long hair because the hair needs to be pulled all the way from one side of the head and worked into the braid. I also think it's even better for ladies with multi colored hair because the style really shows off all the dimensions of color. The braid is worked somewhat loosely, in a similar manner as that of a French braid. The braid can be worked alone and on the side of the head, using hair from the entire head or made from two braids and worked along the sides. I have also seen smaller versions that are worked along the hairline from one side to the other with the rest of the hair left loose. The result is similar to that of a headband. You can also try working it as a twist instead of a braid. There really is no limit as to how to wear a Boho braid. Just be sure to keep a few key points in mind.

  • Work from one side to the other.

  • Do not work the braid too tightly. The look is deliberately casual.

  • Spray your hairbrush thoroughly before beginning. Brush through and work just before the spray sets. This gives the hair more manageability.

  • This is one of those hairstyles that will take you from day to evening with little effort or touch up.

  • The Boho Braid is easy to do and stays in place fairly well.

  • The variety of this hairstyle lets you obtain several different looks while still keeping the same haircut.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for any age....literally!

Have fun!Try a few different variations to see which works best for your personal style. It works especially well with front layering and even can be worn with bangs. I'm attaching some pics so you can see a few different variations. Enjoy!

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