Monday, April 19, 2010

Interior Design Trends For Spring & Summer 2010

Spring is here! And what better way to welcome Spring than to redecorate? If you haven't already done so, put away those bulky winter furnishings and bring in the fresh, light and soothing look of this year's trends. Here are just a few must haves.

The color palate is softer and even more soothing than last year. Lavender is very popular as are other cool tones such as gray and various muted blues. Adding silver or pewter elements such as vases, tables, curtain rods or even curtains allows light to reflect. This lightens up the room.. Painting wood in metallic finishes such as crown molding is another way to freshen up and add a bit of whimsical glamor as well. How much you add is up to you!

Spicy and cultural colors are also popular this year. Only instead of the browns and rusts, the trend leans a bit towards shades of oranges, deep reds, and yellows. Touches of teals and muted blues are also popular. These colors are great for just about every room. With summer just about here, these colors are great for the patio or outdoor room.

If a more natural look is your style, try shades of cream, beiges and tans. Monochromatic themes are very soothing and calming, creating a relaxing space. Adding textures in similar colors creates interest and keep the space visually interesting. Doing this prevents the space from becoming boring or sterile.

Speaking of textures, adding textures is also big this years. The difference is that instead of filling the room with them, try adding just one strong piece or a couple complimentary pieces. Adding too many textural elements makes a room appear heavy. This is Spring! Keep it light.

Implementing earth friendly elements started out as a trend but is quickly becoming the standard. Whether it's using eco friendly paints, reused furnishings or recycled materials, being green is easier than ever. Try taking mis matched tables and painting them the same color to create uniformity. Slip cover a sofa or chair to give a room a whole new fresh look. There are many ways to decorate beautifully and still do your part in preserving the planet.

This year, decorating is about creating a serene and calming atmosphere. It's easy to do and takes so little time. In today's hectic world, it's just what's needed.

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