Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrating Heather

Yesterday my daughter turned 17. I found myself walking down memory lane, recalling those times in her life which just seemed to stick out more than others. It's been a wonderful and challenging journey. She has grown into a beautiful, free and wise young woman. She is every bit girly complete with an incredible ability to spread her massive collection of “girly things” around the house. But let me back track and start at the beginning.

Heather was born in Buffalo New York only 3 ½ months after we relocated from California. My pregnancy was a difficult one due to the stress of leaving an abusive relationship. This caused me to be in and out of the hospital regularly and to be put on medication to prevent further premature labor. She was born exactly three weeks early after only 2 ½ hours of labor. Even though she met the weight requirements to come home, she was still the smallest of all my children and had health issues right away. She eventually outgrew them. Even today I call her my “sick baby” simply because whenever she gets sick, she gets it worse than everyone else. If I have a 2 day flu, she gets it for a week. If her brother gets a 101 fever, hers is 103 and so on.

Heather's energy is lightweight, fresh, soft and a little fragile like a cool breeze in the morning when there is still dew on the ground. If I had to pick a color for her soul, it would be pink. So it does not surprise me that her favorite color is pink. I see her a soft pale pink, she prefers a brighter, stronger hue. I think the difference is due to my seeing all her frailties and her finding her strength. Either way, it's beautiful.

My daughter has the rare and beautiful ability to verbalize that which most of us cannot put into words. She can see things for how they are and is very wise beyond her years. She can see inside people and reveal hidden feelings, motives, strengths and weaknesses. Whether you want to call it the Gift of Knowledge and Wisdom or's beautiful.

Heather's creativity is just another of her many God given talents. In her early years, she won numerous art contests and had her artwork displayed in the local art museum. Her artwork won first and second place in competitions and has even had her artwork chosen to represent the postcard that was sent out to residents from the local Boys & Girls Club. That same artwork was framed and displayed in the Governor's office. There were many times she would get into my crafting notions and either embellish her clothing or make jewelry to wear with an outfit. As frustrating as it was to find my carefully organized items gone through, the end results were not less than amazing. Today, she channels her creativity into makeup and hairstyling. She is not afraid to experiment with new looks and often tests out her new looks at school.

While Heather is kind, compassionate and gentle, she is by no means a sucker to charm or smooth talking. She opens her heart to those who struggle and offers a helping hand whenever possible. She is also aware of the condition of our precious planet and does her part in protecting it. This can be from standing by someone's side while going through rehab, offering a caring shoulder and attentive ear to someone hurting and even going to her knees in prayer for someone who perhaps wouldn't be getting prayed for. Her benevolent spirit causes those who see it to look within themselves and makes them want to be a better, kinder and gentler person as well.

Is she perfect? Of course not. But why focus on the negative when there is SOOO much positive. She is a beautiful soul. An amazingly wise soul. She is softness in a harsh world. She is kindness in a selfish world. She is sunshine in a gray world. Her presence brings a smile to your face. In fact, I wanted her to always know how my spirit felt with her in my life, that I gave her the middle name of Victoria. She is my daughter and it is my honor to be her mother.

I love you Heather. Happy Birthday.

Namaste & God Bless,


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