Friday, April 16, 2010

Be Sexy!!

What is it about women and shoes? Who's to say? Sure I could just get all technical and talk about what the latest study says but who really cares? And it doesn't matter if the woman is wealthy or on welfare, I've known women who would shop at a thrift store to build their selection of shoes. Personally I think that's gross. But the point is that it doesn't matter what a woman's budget is, it's all about collecting the shoes.

My personal favorites are high heels. 4 to 5 inches are what work for me. It doesn't matter if I'm grocery shopping, running errands, wearing jeans or what, but I just looooove my high heels. But there are also ladies who enjoy filling their closets with flats and lower heeled shoes. And well yes there are times when a flat is needed say...when going to the beach (flip flops/sandals). But for me, the majority of my closet is filled with heels. They make me feel ultra feminine, they make my legs look super sexy, and I walk a bit taller and more confident. I like the natural swing of the hips that happens when I walk in them.

Besides, most men love them. Have you ever known a man to tell you how sexy your running shoes are? Hmmmm....? So if your motive is to turn heads without dressing like a ho, it's all about the heels. Are they uncomfortable? Well of course! But who ever said being/looking/feeling sexy is about comfort? If you want comfort, order from the Blair catalog. If you want sexy, slip into those heels.

For me, I prefer to have a mixture of expensive heels and cheapies. The cheapies I can wear when it's raining out or every day. The designer heels are for those special nights...oooh la la! Or for when I'm feeling down and need to feel pampered. I just take my depressed butt down to Darlene (my nail tech/pedicurist who I think deserves her own Hollywood star), get my toes pampered and slip on a pair of Michael Kors or Louboutins and I feel soooo much better! It's an alternative to ½ gallon of ice cream or therapy. Who knows? A closet full of sexy shoes in every woman's closet just may put the Prozac people out of business!

As usual, here are some of my favorite pics......=)

Namaste & God Bless,

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